By Deb Walton, Chief Gift Officer & Queen of Client Courting

Even if you love the Holiday Season, you have to admit it is BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!

Putting up decorations, shopping, planning and attending parties, hosting out-of- town guests….the list goes on!

So why would you spend your precious money to send a gift to a customer when they don’t have time to breathe, let alone appreciate the gift you sent?

A few years ago, some of my savviest contractors started using my Secret Weapon to stand out from the crowd. In the process they earned more excellent online reviews, more thank you’s and even more referrals.

Here’s how our Secret Weapon works:

  1. Send a “we value you as a customer” gift the week of Thanksgiving. We’ll time it to arrive right before the holiday.
  2. Your customer will receive this wonderful surprise gift at a time they didn’t expect it. You may get a call or email from them that very day.
  3. They utilize your gift over the long holiday weekend. Our beautiful gifts have been the featured centerpiece in kitchens, the hors d’oeuvres before the big meal (or during the game) or even the tasty dessert accompaniment afterwards.
  4. Because your gift is a featured part of the big day, your client has a chance to brag about you to their friends and family who are gathered together. Sometimes, those folks even need your services and they now know two things about you—you do good work and you value your customers. A savvy approach to be invited to the holiday table.
  5. Expect to hear from some of those customers and their friends and family in the next week or two. Because the holiday hustle hasn’t started yet, they have time to thank you and even send some referrals your way.

There you have it! My Secret Weapon is bending time to work in your favor. The holiday you choose, doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving, it can easily be Easter, 4 th of July, Memorial Day or any other holiday where people gather to celebrate—even late January can be an excellent time to send the right gift, a gift that will be appreciated and talked about throughout the year.

Give me a call today to make your reservation for this Thanksgiving’s Top Secret gift-giving operation. We’ll work with you to send exactly the right gift—one that fits your company image and budget. With this strategy, you can plan on December, and the beginning of the new year to be BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!