Today’s consumer needs to feel appreciated and special. There is no better way to do this than by showing your gratitude for your clients. Let’s look at appreciation as a practical, profit-maximizing tool. How much money or time have you spent acquiring or “buying” this customer? Don’t you want to do everything in your power to keep your customer coming back to you, again and again? How can you tip the scales in your favor so your customers will tell their friends and family about you?

One of our clients, Bob Carnes, owner of Air Vent Exteriors in Asheville, NC, has steadily grown his business, year after year. Bob does what so many contractors do with each and every homeowner; he provides a quality product, outstanding service and consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations. How does he operate almost exclusively on repeat business and referrals? Bob credits his gratitude marketing strategy, and says, it really makes him stand out. The investment in his current clients has earned him a very successful brand that is currently expanding into other areas. This new venture will help him maximize those customer relations he’s worked hard to build. More proof it works; a note from one of Bob’s homeowners.

“We just wanted to thank you for the very nice gift basket. No one has ever done this for us for buying something. We think that was one of the nicest things you could have done.”
– Barbara C, Arden, NC

By implementing a Gratitude Marketing process into your company, you will show your homeowners that you care, after the job is completed, and they are important to you. Appreciation will build rapport and loyalty. You will win repeat business and referrals to their family, neighbors, and co-workers. Imagine how your customers will feel when you go out of your way to demonstrate how grateful you are that they chose to do business with your company. Gratitude Marketing is a secret weapon to building a pipeline of referrals.

I’ve met with many contractors that say they don’t want to spend the money, or take the time to put the gratitude process in place. You did your job, they got what they paid for, and as far as you are concerned, they are satisfied, and besides, now you’re giving up profit margin by sending a little appreciation. This thought process is costing you big! Simply showing up, being charming, doing the job right, and, on time does not guarantee they will immediately think of you again, or give you a solid referral to their neighbors. Where’s the unexpected, that WOW factor that made you stand out? Showing gratitude accomplishes this.

Make no mistake, gratitude is a powerful tool, largely underused, and the secret weapon to keeping customers for life. Don’t be stuck in normalcy, take the time to put to a strategy in place, and discover how practicing gratitude can energize and grow your business.