By Deb Walton, Chief Gift Officer & Queen of Client Courting

When Craig Huckstep started CMH Builders, Inc. 12 years ago, they remodeled everything from kitchens to bathrooms to basements. It seemed like it made good business sense not to put all their eggs into one type of remodeling “basket.” Two years ago that all changed—thanks in no small part to the company’s persistent and strategic customer gratitude program.

Today the company is “laser focused” on basements according to Craig. “We do it better than anyone else in the city.” That bold move was doable in part because the company was consistently able to show profits on only one type of remodeling— basements. “Diversity was nice,” says Craig. “So we could do those other types of remodeling if things slowed, but it didn’t make sense to keep supporting that habit without profits.”

The gamble has paid off, with the company working on 75 basements a year, a rate of over one per week. And with every completed job, Craig makes sure that customer feels the company’s gratitude for their business by sending a Thank You Gift from Indy City Gifts. “I guess I would say it is invaluable,” says Craig of Indy City’s gifts. “We want to say we appreciate you. ‘Thank you’ for letting us work for you in your home. You trusted us and built a relationship with us.” He adds, “It helps distinguish us from all of our competitors to have some manners and say ‘thank you.’”

Craig also acknowledges that sometimes things don’t go perfectly on a remodel, but even then, Indy City Gifts has been there for him. “They sent a few ‘Sorry” gifts when we’ve been in a difficult spot—a little something to say ‘I’m sorry.’”

“Deb has always gone above and beyond to help me out,” says Craig, who has also used Indy City Gifts’ services for sending baby gifts to clients and thank you gifts to the company’s support staff on Administrative Professionals Day. “It’s nice to feel like we have a good working relationship with Deb and she wants to make sure we are happy.”

It’s even more apparent that Craig’s genuine gratitude and extreme customer relationship focus have played a large part in his company’s success when you read some of the many Facebook posts by happy customers:

“This process was GREAT! I would highly recommend CMH Builders. You would be very pleased with your finished product!”

“We were impressed with CMH from start to finish!”

“Awesome company to work with! They delivered on every promise.”

For more information on how your company can embed your very own strategic customer gratitude program into a successful marketing plan, contact Deb Walton at 317-782-4438.

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