By Deb Walton, Chief Gift Officer & Queen of Client Courting

No, it isn’t a typo. A Yestimonial is your client or customer saying, “YES!” to working with your company and being so excited about the work you perform for them that they post a testimonial or refer your company to their friends. It’s true; a Yestimonial is the sincerest compliment you can receive from anyone!

At Indy City Gifts, we’ve been deluged by examples of Yestimonials coming in from our clients. They are thrilled to get new customers and read glowing reviews, because they know that these Yestimonials will lead to even more business for their company.

And it can happen really fast…

A little over a week ago, private investigator David Myers sent “Nice to meet you” cookie gifts to attorneys he met at a conference. This week: “Cookies worked. Got a big job from a new attorney. Thanks!” Just like that, he has a new client and is well on his way to more Yestimonials.

Every single positive review is precious to a business. We all know how hard it can be to get positive reviews posted online, when everything goes well—people are happy—but they may not take the time to sit down and write a review. That’s why Allison Livesay from Custom Exteriors was elated by their two new reviews just this week, “We got three reviews out of 15 this week from our gift recipients!” She adds, “20% – Not bad!!”

Chateau Kitchens owner Bob Moore recently saw first-hand the impact a client “Thank You” gift can make on someone’s day:

“The amazing gift basket you sent arrived on Friday. What a lovely surprise (and quite timely because my day had been frustrating and in need of a bright spot)…We are completely happy with and proud of our new kitchen. It will be my pleasure to submit reviews on Facebook, Houzz, and Google, which definitely will reflect how impressed and satisfied we are with our Chateau Kitchens experience.”

Or how about this review that Jon Chapman of Chapman Custom Baths received after sending a customer “Thank You” gift?

“If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, we cannot say enough about Jon and his team. They make sure that your vision becomes the reality that you will not only enjoy for years to come, but also one that will add value to your home. Their work ethic based on respect, integrity, and excellence is demonstrated throughout the remodeling project. Project design options are offered keeping costs in mind while not sacrificing your vision. Project construction begins promptly once materials are available. They work with your schedule understanding how busy everyone is these days. They take the time to make sure the project minimizes its impact on the rest of your home. They are not done until your vision is realized. Jon and his team do not take your money and run, they keep coming back until you are completely satisfied.”

Now that’s a Yestimonial! Want some for your company? Give Deb Walton a call and talk to her about how you can Seal the Deal and get more Yestimonials—it’s easy, quick and cost-effective.

Remember Christmas in July is just around the corner. If you’d like to play Santa this year (and get more than you give), call Deb today at 317-782-4438 so you can jingle through the rest of the year.

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