These shortbread morsels have been a longtime favorite of our customers year after year. This 40 year old Father and Son operated bakery uses only the finest all natural ingredients; King Arthur flour, pure cane sugar, rich creamery butter, and Madagascar vanilla; each single “Stacker” holds 21 perfectly sized cookies, each “Stacker” a different flavor. Your clients will be raving and requesting these cookies, but as luck would have it, only you know where to get them!

There are so many ways to customize and incorporate these scrumptious cookies into your company’s gratitude marketing strategy. A “Single Stacker” is a perfect “pop-by” gift, or to keep on hand, to thank your customers. Brand your company, and convey your message by customizing the label on the top of each “Stacker”. Your gratitude marketing dollar working its sweet magic!

These delectable morsels are so good you can expect there will be a“cookie consumption frenzy”, so make sure to send enough to go around. The custom printed label on each “Stacker” assures your brand is noticed; the outstanding cookies guarantee your company will long be remembered for discriminating taste.

Cookie Stacker Options

  • Single Stacker – $10
  • Single Stacker with faux suede gift box – $12
  • Two Stacker, contains 42 cookies – $22
  • Three Stacker, contains 63 cookies – $32
  • Four Stacker, contains 84 cookies – $42
  • Five Stacker, contains 105 cookies – $52
  • Six Stacker, contains 126 cookies – $62

*10% Discount for orders over $4000

Pricing is as follows, does not include shipping. Swing by and pick them up or we’ll send them directly to your clients. Nationwide shipping available on any size Cookie “Stacker” for $12 per gift. Simply, contact Deb to discuss your custom label options, custom imprinted logo ribbon, and other gift requirements (317-782-4438 or