By Deb Walton, Chief Gift Officer & Queen of Client Courting

Most companies are content to simply look at revenue or sales to judge the fiscal health of their company. Tilson, a comprehensive HR management company based in Greenwood, Indiana, is taking an exciting new approach. Beginning this year, they are adding an additional metric to help them judge the company success. Tilson’s cutting edge idea is to utilize client referrals as a success metric.

“We decided that the true measure of success is to see if we could get a certain number of referrals per year,” says Jessi Robbins, Tilson Marketing Specialist. The goal was aggressive, to garner one referral per client in 2018 and by 2020 to have an average of 3 referrals from every client. “Our hope is that clients will say to other companies, ‘Tilson is a great services provider, you should reach out to them,’” she adds.

Such a bold goal requires careful planning, focused implementation and an excellent beginning. Because Indy City Gifts was a valued vendor contact passed along and highly recommended by Jessi’s predecessor, Jessi reached out to Chief Gift Officer Deb Walton for help with the new initiative. “When we created this concept, we thought of Deb and went right to her and she had a lot of ideas. She’s very open to new ideas and willing to work with you to make it happen,” says Jessi.

The kick-off cookies shipped to Tilson clients at the beginning of January and almost immediately Jessi began hearing from Tilson’s two account managers about how pleasantly surprised clients were. “It was a good kick-off to start the goal.” Jessi adds, “It really helps keep that relationship steady and keep our clients pleased.” The company plans to continue surprising top clients to keep in touch and say “thank you” for their patronage.

The process was super easy too. “She made it real simple for me, I just pulled a client list with their addresses and Deb took care of the rest,” says Jessi. In addition, “She always has good suggestions and she sends me back to the office with treats to try. Deb is full of joy and has really good ideas that I would never think of.”

While only time will tell if Tilson exceeds their ambitious goals and is able to send out lots of “Welcome Aboard” gifts to their new clients, one thing is sure—they are leading the way in an innovative new way to track both company and client value.

To get more great ideas about how your company can harness the power of referrals or welcome new customers, call Deb at Indy City Gifts today, 317-782-4438.