By Deb Walton, Chief Gift Officer & Queen of Client Courting

“It’s the icing on the cake for our customers,” says Lisa Newkirk of Innovative Garages. The 16-year old company, which is a one stop shop for anything garages, started sending Indy City Gifts “Party in a Basket” to their customers about six years ago.

“Once we finish a job, we send our customers’ info to Deb and she creates a gift customized to what we did,” says Lisa. It is important to the company that they meet their customers where they are at. Lisa explains the company’s perspective as “we really appreciate your business. Look at how awesome your garage is! Here are some snacks to enjoy while you sit and appreciate it.”

But before they can even send a “Party in a Basket,” they have to get the job. Since December, the company has been following up their estimates with “Seal the Deal” cookies. Lisa simply snaps a quick photo of the customer’s name and address as soon as she is done with an estimate and Indy City Gifts gets a “Seal the Deal” gift out the door right away.

Before they know it, Innovative Garages’ prospective customers have a special gift that says, “Thanks for letting us in your home.” “It makes us stand out in the field,” says Lisa. A lot of times they are getting estimates from our competitors and we really stand out. It helps ensure that deal.”

As for “Parties in Baskets” that are delivered to customers after their newly renovated garage is unveiled? “Typically they will email and say the basket was beautiful or customers will call and thank us,” shares Lisa. “Regardless of the feedback we get, the customer is always going to have a nice thought of us. These people are spending a lot of money; it’s a nice way to let them know we appreciate them choosing us.”

To have more Parties with your happy customers, join the “Seal the Deal” program and have a lot more reasons to be thankful this quarter. Call Deb at Indy City Gifts to get started right away.