“We were first intrigued with Indy City Gifts because they work almost exclusively with residential contractors. As a company less than five years old, we knew we needed to create as many customer referrals, and repeat business as possible. We tried sending thank you cards to our customers, along with gift cards, but were often were so busy with new business this process was often overlooked and left undone. After meeting with Deb, we were convinced her Thank You program was just what we needed. Soon we started receiving calls of thanks, hand written notes, and our referrals were increasing! Customers are happy with our products and service, and the gift just seals the deal with referrals. Last year, we implemented the Stack Your Odds program. Once we meet with homeowner, access their needs, and provide a quote, Deb will send out a “token” of our appreciation for meeting with us. The Stack Your Odds program has been highly successful for us, we close more deals, and much more quickly too. So many of our customers tell us, “no other company has ever done this for us before”. Deb’s program is just what we were looking for. I recommend her service to any contractor, it easy, and it works!”

– Jon Chapman, Chapman Custom Baths