By Deb Walton, Chief Gift Officer & Queen of Client Courting

I know you are super busy this time of year so I’ll make it quick!

If you are still struggling with what to get your customers or top clients for the Holidays, I’m here to help (and I’ll make you look amazing in the process)!  We have one simple trick that will help your gift avoid the fate of so many holiday gifts—the dreaded conference room table dumping ground. You know, the room where the Christmas gifts are left for the employees to pick over and no one really knows who sent what.

Make this your 2018 New Year’s resolution: “I will employ Indy City Gift’s Strategic Gift Calendaring to get the most bang for my marketing buck!” Best of all, this resolution won’t cost you an extra cent and you’ll still have time to hit the gym (for your other resolution).

Just give me a quick call and I’ll schedule your Holiday Gift for the New Year instead of the Christmas rush. Not only will you stand out, you’ll also be priming the pump for 2018 referrals. Research shows that being top of mind can have a significant positive impact on customers’ buying (and referring) habits. Being the last one in the door this holiday season, will put you in first place for the New Year.

Give me a quick call to get your Holiday Gifts scheduled today and then enjoy your egg nog knowing that your 2018 is going to be even busier!

Happy Holidays!