Gratitude marketing is not a single, one-time event, it’s a sound way of doing business. So, how does it work?

Gratitude drives behavior, and our appreciation programs will make your customers feel more valued, and strengthen your relationship with them. Appreciation and gratitude says to your customer that you and your business are committed to them, and not just for a single transaction. Quite simply, if you want satisfied customers, you are probably good on your own, if you want Raving Fans creating a Referral Factory for your business; call Deb at 317-782-4438 (GIFT).

We can help you create those Raving Fans using our years of experience in Gifting. We have worked with all types of contractors and budgets, and will customize a “Thank You Strategy” that reflects YOUR company’s personality and values.

“Thank you for all your help, guidance, and expertise.  You added polish and shine to my brand!  I look forward to working with you again!”

Julie Ashmore

President, Ashmore Consulting

“Deb and Indy City Gifts has been a great partner for Tilson.  During periods of heavy growth, we’re sending her perfectly crafted “Welcome Aboard” gifts to new clients almost weekly. Deb and her team are quick to respond to our requests and she’s always coming up with new ideas and presentations for us to send our clients.  I’ve seen gift baskets from other companies, and there’s just no comparison to what Deb and her team can create. Come to think of it, I should send Indy City Gifts one of their own gifts to thank them for their years of support and partnership!”


Residential Contractor Programs

Contractors who show authentic Gratitude as part of their customer’s overall experience create Raving Fans… Do you want Raving Fans or Satisfied Customers?

Professional and Medical Programs

Gratitude is a powerful secret weapon for businesses that understand the value of their clients and customers. Showing your clients that you truly appreciate their business is the match that ignites the referral process.

“When we’ve missed the mark, and have needed to apologize to our clients for mistakes made, Deb’s “Sorry” gifts have been a hit every single time.  We appreciate the unique, personal touches in her gifts.   It’s a pleasure working with someone who not only cares about the growth and success of your company, but is willing to share with you how to be intentional in ‘pursuing’ your clients throughout every stage of the relationship!”


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Did you know?

Gratitude programs produce referrals.

  • Referrals bring in higher dollar business.
  • Referrals shorten the sales cycle.
  • Referrals bring repeat business.

Take the opportunity to thank the people who will make you successful this year. Contact us now to get your program started.

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